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Article 8

The consent provided for in item I of art. 7 of this Law shall be provided in writing or by other means demonstrating the holder's manifestation of will.

  • 1. If consent is given in writing, it shall be included in a clause highlighted in the other contractual clauses.
  • 2. The controller shall bear the burden of proving that consent was obtained in accordance with the provisions of this Law.
  • 3 - The processing of personal data by means of vice of consent is forbidden.
  • 4. Consent shall be for specified purposes, and generic authorizations for the processing of personal data shall be void.
  • 5. Consent may be revoked at any time by express expression of the holder, by free and facilitated procedure, ratified the treatments carried out under the consent previously expressed as long as there is no request for elimination, pursuant to item VI of the caput of art. 18 of this Law.
  • 6. In case of alteration of information referred to in items I, II, III or V of art. 9 of this Law, the controller shall inform the holder, with specific emphasis on the content of the changes, and the holder may, in cases where his consent is required, revoke him if he disagrees with the change.