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Article 13

Processing of Personal Data for Public Health Studies

When conducting studies in public health, research agencies may have access to personal databases, which will be treated exclusively within the agency and strictly for the purpose of conducting studies and research and kept in a controlled and safe environment, in accordance with security practices provided for in specific regulations and including where possible anonymization or pseudonymization of data, as well as due consideration of ethical standards related to studies and research.

  • 1. The disclosure of the results or any excerpt of the study or research dealt with in the caput of this article may under no circumstances reveal personal data.
  • 2. The research agency shall be responsible for the security of the information provided for in the caput of this article, and under no circumstances is the transfer of data to a third party permitted.
  • 3. Access to the data referred to in this article shall be subject to regulation by the national authority and the health and sanitary authorities, within the scope of their responsibilities.
  • 4. For the purposes of this article, pseudonymization is the treatment whereby a data loses the possibility of association, direct or indirect, to an individual, due to the use of additional information kept separately by the controller in a controlled and safe environment.