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Article 19

Confirmation of existence or access to personal data shall be provided upon request of the holder:

  • I - in simplified format, immediately; or
  • II - by means of a clear and complete statement, indicating the origin of the data, the lack of registration, the criteria used and the purpose of the treatment, observing the commercial and industrial secrets, provided within 15 (fifteen) days, counted from the date of the holder's application.
  • 1. Personal data shall be stored in a format that favors the exercise of the right of access.
  • 2. Information and data may be provided, at the discretion of the holder:
    • I - by electronic means, safe and suitable for this purpose; or
    • II - in printed form.
  • 3. When the treatment originates from the consent of the holder or in a contract, the holder may request a full electronic copy of his personal data, observing the trade and industrial secrets, in accordance with the regulation of the national authority, in a format that allows its subsequent use. , including in other treatment operations.
  • 4. The national authority may make different arrangements regarding the time limits provided for in items I and II of the caput of this article for the specific sectors.